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At Boldhive, our goal is simple: "invigorate established companies with a new approach to a business obstacle, utilizing technology and fresh design." To that end we will be posting reviews of some of our favorite apps and services to help with your productivity, management, and general business needs.

To start, one universal business obstacle which faces every sector, stage, and development of an organization is focus. I don't need to belabor the importance of focus if you've found your way to this site, so let's look at a tool that helps me hone in on what's important. The following is a simple introduction to a front-page (homescreen worthy) app.

Due (iOS, iPad, Mac) is an extremely robust and clever reminders tool that you'll enjoy using as much or more than you enjoy accomplishing your goals! It has a clean and straightforward interface which is intuitive out of the box, yet provides enough customization for advanced users' needs. (There are additional apps which tie into Due's event creation for even more advanced users.) A chief strength in any Todo or Reminders app is to get the multitude of things you need to focus on out of your head and into a system for tracking. The more technology is employed in helping us out, the more alarms, bells, and ringtones we have chirping at us and chipping away at our focus. A solid tool is one that cuts through that noise in a constructive way, rather than adding to it.

Due makes adding a new reminder simple, but the real strength is seen when an item comes, well, due. You can of course check off the box if you complete the task immediately. If you cannot, or if another time is more suitable for the task, a tap on the reminder slides open an adjacent tray where you can delay the notification by 10 minutes, an hour, or a day. If you use other task managers you know how tedious it can be when a notification needs paused and you have to spend time re-assigning when it should come back around. Due makes it almost too easy to be reminded of what's needed without hassling you when a scheduled reminder needs to be postponed. As we know from business in the real world, that's a common occurrence.

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Another clever feature in Due is Timers. You can save preset timers and label them accordingly, an easily overlooked feature. I have a coffee timer, a power-nap timer, and a focus timer, which add incredible ease and structure to my day. The Timers feature, like the rest of Due's design, is clever (think light switches), easy to use, and brings even another dimension to the simple power of this tool.

Due offers many other features including repeating events, customizable snooze, Dropbox backup, sync with the Mac client, and customizable alarm sounds. The app costs $4.99 and while I initially balked at the investment compared to the ocean of free and $1 apps littering the App Store, the return on investment was obvious. (Check out the video to see Due in action.)

If you're looking for a tool to help remind you of important single or recurring events, Due is a clever and powerful workhorse. It will take the hassle out of clinging onto shards of thoughts that distract you from staying focused on all the tasks you manage from day to day. Clear your mind responsibly by empowering Due to remind you when it's the proper time to get things done.

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