A Bold Look at Office Supplies

At Bold Hive, we think we have one of the best creative teams around. It’s something that make us pretty proud and excited. But what makes us even more proud and excited are the creative minds and entrepreneurs who make up our client base. Their talent is immense, their ideas ingenious, and their passion for what they do unparalleled.

Bold Hive’s partnership with the Robert Mason Company has given us access to the talent, ideas, and passion of store proprietor, Robert Mason Grimmett. Grimmett brought his unique perspective on office supplies and furnishings to Columbus after running a successful store in Ravenswood, WV for many years. (He’s got an amazing story behind his business too.) One of Grimmett’s many goals is to make purchasing office supplies fun and inspiring. To that effect, he carries not only a line of traditional office products but also a whole host of products from his own RM line. Whether you need a new pen or a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind leather bag, Robert Mason Company is the place to go.


With current plans for store expansions, Grimmett has teamed with Bold Hive to help him launch the Robert Mason Company’s online store later this month. Recently, our photographer Kellie was on site in the German Village to shoot some of the signature Robert Mason lines of bags, journals, portfolios, and more. We think that these images do a splendid job of showcasing:

1.       Kellie’s knack for capturing products in a way that highlights their beauty and functionality, and

2.       Robert Mason Company’s gorgeous and durable office products.

Are you ready for the Robert Mason Company’s online store launch? Count down with us to Black Friday. You’re sure to be amazed—and inspired—by what our partnership has created. 

Favorite Columbus Business

UPDATE 2 (6/28/13):

Voting Closed

Harvest Pizzeria nominated by Rebecca Monday is our big winner - with over 50% of the votes from our four finalists. Harvest Pizzeria will get a free photo shoot and Rebecca gets a free portrait session at the same time. We'll be in touch soon to schedule your shoot! 


Columbus, with your help we've determined the finalists for your Favorite Columbus Business. Now you get to determine the winner. We'll tally the votes next week and announce your favorite. The business with the most votes will receive a free photo shoot and the patron that nominated them will get a free portrait session at their favorite Columbus business.

Live Vote Now Below! 

@boldhive: Our finalists for Favorite Columbus Business. Which business and patron should get a free photo shoot? You pick the winner! Details:

If you’re anything like the team at Bold Hive, you love spreading the word about your favorite local business. You probably also love winning amazing prizes.

What if we told you that you had the chance to spread the word about your favorite local business and get an amazing reward and help your favorite local business to receive an amazing gift as well? Because that’s just what we’re about to tell you.

This fun project blends our passion for local business with everything that the Bold Hive team does best: using design and technology to help businesses get energized and continue to thrive. 


How does this relate to your love for local businesses and cool rewards? Starting today, when you "share" our Favorite Columbus Business post on Facebook and leave a comment describing your favorite Columbus business, you might just get a portrait session at your favorite spot, courtesy of Bold Hive’s photographer! Even better, if your nominated business is selected, your favorite Columbus business will also receive a professional photo shoot with our photographer.

Prefer to play along via Twitter? Click the tweet button below to join in on the fun and tag your favorite Columbus business at the end of the tweet. If scheduling permits we may just pick more than one response to get the reward!

It’s just our own way of spreading the word about our love for all of the local businesses and brands and people like you who make Columbus such a great place to work and live. 

The Crest Gastropub

Something that we like to see is a business that’s proud to wear its “Ohio heart” right on its sleeve.

Of course, there are many other things ignite our excitement for business and brands. We love creatively designed spaces. We love brands that want to inject something wonderful, something unique Central Ohio’s many wonderful, unique neighborhoods.  We love a company who’s passionate about what they do.  And we especially love good food.

The Crest, Clintonville’s latest hot spot, blends everything that Bold Hive loves into their gem of a gastro pub. From a bar whose wooden beams and posts hail from barns across Ohio to a beer selection whose extensive list includes dozens of Ohio-based brews, The Crest indeed wears its Ohio heart on its sleeve.

Beyond this Ohio pride, the owners have also taken pride in paying attention to those little details that make any good business and brand great. Each floor beam, for instance, is marked with The Crest’s signature logo. The herbs and vegetables served on their menu aren’t just local—they’re grown right in The Crest’s backyard. And the menu boasts everything from the traditional (including a truly exceptional mac and cheese) to the unique and delightful (including a goat cheese and honey appetizer that we are still talking about after one of our recent visits).

Moreover, any sense of trendiness that one might infer about The Crest is complemented with the warm and comfortable ambiance of the restaurant itself. This combination of the new and the old, the trendy and the cozy, is something we particularly love about The Crest. 

So whether you’re out past the city limits or right in the heart of Clintonville yourself, it’s worth taking a trip over to Indianola to check out what’s happening at The Crest. You’re likely to find a buzzing crowd, you’re very likely to enjoy a delicious meal or libation, and you’re certainly going to find a local business that has excited the team at Bold Hive. 

Side note and disclaimer: We're currently putting the finishing touches on a great new website for The Crest - Can't wait to share it with you all! 

@boldhive: Pick your dish from the new gastropub in Columbus - The Crest. Deconstructed Salad, Fried Goat Cheese Balls w/Honey, Burger & Fries or Cured Meat Board. #food

Ohio State Photo Shoot

We can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than hanging out on campus at The Ohio State University. By now you may be aware of the recent single source deal struck between the OSU licensing department and J. America after a competitive bid that was heavily pursued by industry heavy hitters including the Dallas Cowboys apparel arm. With J. America being based out of state they realized the importance of a local sales presence – that’s where the fun loving bunch at Kelley Sales Team comes in. KST is a group of folks that work directly with J. America to implement the OSU licensing program and stock the shelves of some of your favorite buckeye apparel retailers with a rotating myriad of designs and styles. We had the pleasure of working with them on this recent project and are seeing first hand the value they add to the equation for J. America and OSU in this historic agreement.

With all the new styles and designs to get into circulation it’s the perfect time for a photo shoot! The photos featured here are just a few of the thousands of designs that will be rolled out by J. America over the course of their current 10 year agreement with Ohio State. Needless to say you can stay tuned for a lot more pictures to come as it relates to OSU apparel!

Live Vote! Which is your favorite shot from the shoot?

@boldhive: What's your favorite shot from our recent Ohio State photo shoot? #photography #fashion #college