Sassafras Bakery Thrives With Classic Flavors

Though it’s always fun to chase the latest dessert trends and flavor crazes, there’s nothing like returning to the classics: small batch cookies, homemade pies, tall glasses of home brewed lemonade and root beer. These sorts of classic treats are exactly what Sassafras Bakery serves to their customers at their Worthington store.

Like most local bakeries, the day starts early for Sassafras. “You get as much as you can in the oven right away,” says owner AJ Perry. Those ovens continue to turn out trays of muffins, cookies, chicken pot pies, seasonal fruit pies, and more throughout the day. It’s comfort food at its best: delicious, made-from-scratch, stick-to-your-bones goodness.

“I describe what I do as a classic American bakery,” continues Perry. “It’s a rustic modern [store]. It’s about comfort. Nostalgia.” You can find this blend of rustic and modern right on the Sassafras menu. For instance, Perry uses some of her grandmother’s recipes in her baked goods. She makes basic (but incredible) fudge brownies and blueberry muffins and an apple pie like you wouldn’t believe. They’re the sorts of things that might take you right back to your own grandmother’s kitchen. But Perry also integrates some more contemporary flavors and tastes into her menu. There are chewy chai cookies and caramelized onion and brie scones and a seasonal menu that brings a revolving set of produce and flavors to Sassafras customers.

This blend of the rustic, the modern, and the nostalgic is also tied together by the hickory countertops that Perry chose for her bakery. “I wanted something sturdy,” says Perry. “I just wanted that wood grain look, and I love how [AJ Studio] did these raw edges.”

Though these custom countertops from AJ Studio are only a small part of Perry’s business, they still do an important job for the bakery: they help to set the tone and atmosphere for the store, bringing that sense of nostalgia right to the forefront. Of course, they’re functional too. And if they’re sturdy enough to hold one of Sassafras’s signature mile-high slices of apple pie, then they must be getting the job done well.

Anxious to try one of the Sassafras original recipes in your own kitchen? Perry was kind enough to share her Aunt Parmelia's apple pie recipe with the world.

And don't fret if your attempt at Aunt Parmelia's pie doesn't turn out quite as you expected it to. You can always order a perfect version of it at Sassafras Bakery.