Why You Should Hire a Professional Writer

Any business owner can think of a thousand reasons why they don’t want to hire a professional writer to create their website copy. Writers can be expensive. They typically can’t draft what you want in a day (or two or three). When you hire them for a project, they might not tell your story exactly how you envision it. And for the most part, anyone with basic literacy skills can write: why not write your entire website yourself?

Regardless of these potential drawbacks, professional writers still offer a valuable service to their clients. And more times than not, they’re totally worth the cost. Why?

Proofreading is more crucial than you think it is.

Let’s be honest: you’ve probably felt a twinge of smugness when you’ve seen someone confuse “your” with “you’re” or “then” with “than.” And you’ve likely wanted to crawl in a hole and die (or at least weep) when you’ve caught a spelling or grammatical error in an email only after you’ve sent it.

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the most painstaking writer or editor might miss a grammatical error every so often. Nonetheless, these errors occur far less frequently with professional writers than they do with everyone else. That’s a big deal when it comes to your website. Your website represents your business. It is your online image and a reflection of who you are and what you do. As such, spelling and grammatical mistakes in your website copy tend to diminish your business’s sense of care and professionalism. Thus, it’s worth the additional cost to have an extra pair of eyes (or a few extra pairs of eyes) proofread the words that appear on your website.

Writing great copy takes time: time that you could spend working on other parts of your business.

Professional writers typically aren’t going to turn around a project you give them in a day or two. What they do takes time, craft, and skill. And the time they spend on your project is time that you could devote to other pressing parts of your business development.

What do writers do with all this time? They outline, they draft, they edit, they re-write. Sometimes they brainstorm with other writers or editors. Writing is a process, not an activity that takes only an hour or two. And that whole process will start and end with you. 

Ideally, a professional writer will listen carefully to you. They’ll take notes on your story, your vision, and your goals, and they’ll integrate all of these ideas into your web copy. Depending on their skills, they’ll also be able to take into account things like SEO (search engine optimization) and conversion-oriented copy in order to boost your business’s presence on the Internet. Many business owners find that they are more than happy to pay for these skills and areas of expertise.

Some writers will offer you multiple versions of each sub-project so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

Perhaps you’re undecided on the tone you want to strike with your web copy. Formal and expert-minded? Friendly and fun? Casual yet knowledgeable? 

Or perhaps you’re not sure whether you want a quick and easy description of your business or a long, informative story that tells your customers about your company’s beginnings.

No matter the root of your uncertainty, a professional writer can create a variety of drafts, leaving the ultimate decision for the final web copy up to you. The project might cost a bit more—it will take more of a writer’s time—but it can be worth the expense.

A good writer will write for two audiences: their client and the audience that their client is trying to target.

Some people make the mistake of writing the information that they want to read or see on their website without taking into account what their target audience wants to read or see. It’s often a matter of being “too close” to your business. You know your business from the inside, but sometimes that makes it hard to get a good perspective “from the outside.”

A professional writer can bring a fresh perspective to your business. On the one hand, they can get to know you and your take on the inner workings of your company. On the other hand, they can view your business from a consumer standpoint. Blending these multiple perspectives enhances the cohesiveness and appeal of your website.

Professional writing makes you look more professional.
It’s as plain and simple as that.

As a business owner, you are a professional with regard to the service or products that you offer your customers. Similarly, writers are professionals with regard to the services that they offer. They are experts in their field, and when they do their work well, that expertise can only strengthen your business’s online presence.