A Sweet Partnership With Pistacia Vera

Meticulous technique. Exacting attention to detail. An ardent devotion to perfecting the process behind the product.

You might think we’re describing the characteristics of a wood-worker, a painter, a sculptor, or a stonemason.

But would you believe that we’re actually describing the characteristics of the owners and employees of Pistacia Vera, one of the most beloved—if not the most beloved—pastry kitchens in Central Ohio?

As siblings and Pistacia Vera owners, Spencer Budros and Anne Fletcher, will be the first to tell you, crafting fine pastry is about more than flour and sugar and butter. It’s about more than sourcing the finest flour and sugar and butter (and chocolate and vanilla beans and nuts) in the land too.


To make the sorts of pastries and desserts that Pistacia Vera creates, you have to be willing to bring the patience and skills of a master craftsperson to the table. (Or in their case, you have to be willing to bring them to the kitchen counter.)

Take, for instance, the amount of time that it takes to craft one of their renowned macarons. Would you guess that it takes a few hours? Maybe an entire day at most?

Think again. It takes three to four full days to create those slight yet full-bodied, restrained yet flavorful French cookies for which Pistacia Vera is so famous. In fact, each one of their pastries and desserts is hand-crafted over a matter of days. During those processes, every member of the kitchen team pays exceedingly careful attention to timing, temperature, and measurement. In many ways, they are just as much artists as they are bakers and pastry chefs. Their kitchen is just as much a precision laboratory and art studio as it is a bake shop.

To this effect, Pistacia Vera’s passion for quality and detail might seem mind-boggling. Why so much effort if it’s “just dessert”?

If you’ve ever tasted one of Pistacia Vera’s pastries or desserts, however, you know that their creations are not “just dessert,” and you know that their passion is not for naught. Like many things in this world, an extraordinary product—even an extraordinary croissant—is often the result of extraordinary work. And lucky for us, Pistacia Vera’s work offers up extraordinary enjoyment.

At Bold Hive, we are deeply thrilled and honored to announce a creative partnership with Pistacia Vera. From website design and development to photography and video services to social media enhancement and copy writing, we will be complementing our particular love for technique, detail, and process with theirs.

Like the chocolate ganache between the two cookies of a macaron*, it’s a pretty perfect partnership in our eyes.

(*What, you didn’t think we could talk about Pistacia Vera without making you hungry, did you?)