Top SM Accounts for Columbus Business Owners


Though nothing beats the in-person connections you are making each and every day as a business owner, staying connected via social media can help you boost your business and stay on top of all the relevant news and events happening in Central Ohio.

Your own social media accounts aren’t the only important ones you should be paying attention to either. Here in Columbus, there are plenty of organizations, groups, and businesses with social media accounts that are relevant to nearly every local business owner in town.

These are the accounts that are pertinent to Columbus business: the ones that can connect you with other business owners, and the ones that will share the stories and news that are essential to your own business and brand. If you don’t know what’s going on with them, then you might be missing out on something that is important to you.


Who, what, and where you should be following as a Central Ohio business owner? 

Columbus Chamber of Commerce

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce already provides great connections, resources, and solutions for area businesses. Though most of their tangible benefits are reserved for CCC’s members, this doesn’t mean that non-members won’t benefit from following them on social media.

Whether you’re looking for news about local events, business webinars, or just some insight into what the organization is all about, following the Columbus Chamber of Commerce on Twitter and Facebook is something that we at Bold Hive recommend for all local businesses, big and small.

Is your business or residence located in one of the area’s fine suburbs? Make sure to follow their Chamber of Commerce too.

Experience Columbus

Though the goal of Experience Columbus is to promote the Columbus area to visitors, this doesn’t mean that the organization and its social media accounts are only for out-of-towners. Whether you’re looking for ways to entertain clients or colleagues or just searching for ways to keep your own business connected locally, Experience Columbus is a Central Ohio social media “must.”

You can follow them on Instagram to see some of the visual highlights from around the city. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of all the major attractions and events occurring around Central Ohio.


 Credit flickr user newmanchu

Credit flickr user newmanchu

The Dispatch

As a local business owner, you’re probably already reading The Dispatch. But are you following their social media accounts too?

Even if you don’t have time each day to read the paper from cover to cover (or webpage to webpage), you can still check in to see what people are discussing on Facebook or what articles the Dispatch is linking up on Twitter.

Your favorite indie local indie papers

Of course, The Dispatch is not the only place that offers excellent local news. Our local indie papers give area business owners that opportunity to learn more about the stories and people who matter to area business. To stay on top of local news—including great features and interviews with local business owners—make sure to follow your favorite local indie papers, including:

Other Columbus businesses

From restaurants to independent stores to your public library branch, there are plenty of local businesses ready to keep you connected on social media. Pick your favorite five, ten, twenty, or more, and start following them wherever they are.

As you might already know, participating a good, solid network can only help your own business become stronger.

More importantly, when you connect with other essential social media accounts in town, they might start taking an interest in your business too.