Delicious Columbus Instagram Feeds

As all of us at Bold Hive know, Columbus isn’t exactly lacking in the food department. From incredible hot dogs (that’s right—incredible hot dogs) to fine dining, from farmers’ markets to farms, from impressive restaurant empires to hole-in-the-wall treasures, we have almost everything that a foodie—or even just a regular old hungry person—could look for in a city.

In addition to amazing food, a few Central Ohio restaurants are also serving up some pretty amazing photos of their culinary creations on Instagram. Listed below are a few of our favorites.

(And caution: you are about to get very, very hungry.) 

@breakfastwithnick from Breakfast with Nick

As one of the most renowned Central Ohio food bloggers, it makes sense that Nick Dekker of “Breakfast with Nick” would have a pretty delicious Instagram feed. One of the best and worst things about his photos is just how wide a variety of food and restaurants they represent. I say “the best” because Nick showcases a veritable smorgasbord of Columbus-and-beyond breakfast dishes and delicacies in his feed. And I say “the worst” because we can’t quite figure out how to fit that entire smorgasbord into our bellies right now.

What has Nick been sharing with his followers lately? This Davy Crockett donut from Westerville’s Schneider’s BakeryThese surlitos (aka Surly Girl’s huevos rancheros).  This French toast from Tasi Café.

No matter what he’s sharing, Nick celebrates his love of food and his love of Columbus businesses, and that’s something that we at Bold Hive especially love.

@chef_wijohnst from Black Creek Bistro

Black Creek Bistro brings the farm to the table with their sustainable and as-local-as-possible lunch and dinner menus. With hearty and inspired sandwiches at lunch (Chimichurri tuna melt!  Pork burrito!  Yes please!) and a quaint but varied selection of entrees at dinner (Braised lamb shank!  Rathskeller salmon!  Sign me up!), the restaurant has quickly become a Columbus favorite.

On his Instagram feed, Chef Will, a Black Creek Bistro sous chef, captures the beautiful and the delicious from Black Creek Bistro.  Focusing primarily on the day’s lunch features, Chef Will delights his followers with near-daily photos of the kitchen’s creations.  There are vegan selections (like the recent eggplant caponata). There are sandwich selections (like pulled pork po’ boys).  And then, of course, there are those selections that just make your stomach growl, no matter what time of day it is (like
chipotle mac and cheese with corn, bacon, guacamole, cotija, and kale chips). 

@cherbourgbakery from Cherbourg Bakery

Though it’s relatively new to town, Bexley’s Cherbourg Bakery has risen to the top of many locals’ favorite bakeries. Serving up gluten-free and nut-free baked goods, Cherbourg proves that you don’t need wheat, gluten, or nuts to make delicious donuts, muffins, cookies, and more.

The Cherbourg Instagram feed is downright delicious too. Think cream puffs. Rosemary polenta cakeMaple streusel crunch muffins. Cinnamon donuts. This amazing sign. (Yes, that’s your sweet tooth telling you it’s time to visit Cherbourg.)

Beyond the sweet and delicious, this Instagram feed also serves up the plain old sweet with photos of the Cherbourg employees sharing meals, playing games, and just enjoying one another’s company. Looking at this sweetness is almost as nice as looking at Cherbourg’s famous lemon bars.


@waywardseedfarm from Wayward Seed Farm

Wayward Seed’s Instagram account is brand spanking new (to date, they’ve only posted eight images), but don’t let that fool you: they truly have some of the most gorgeous and delicious-looking photos we’ve seen on Instagram.

As a certified organic farm that grows heritage and heirloom vegetables for Central Ohio residents and restaurants, Wayward Seed has posted striking images of fresh produce and fresh-produce-baked-into-mouthwatering-dishes. From Japanese eggplants to cherry and blueberry pie to bunches of rainbow chard, they are capturing some of the most beautiful things that we can grow right here in Central Ohio. This is an Instagram feed that won’t just make you hungry: if you’re right here in Columbus, it will make you proud to be an Ohioan.

@danthebaker from Dan the Baker

It would be an understatement to say that Dan the Baker simply bakes bread. His breads and pastries are little loaves of art that are hand-crafted from local and organic ingredients. Not surprisingly, these breads and pastries are delicious too.

On his Instagram feed, Dan shares little slices of baking life. There’s the dough (or in this case, the olive hazelnut bread dough). There’s the oven (or in this case, the oven full of golden raisin coriander chocolate sourdough). There’s the fruit filling (or in this case, the blueberry sauce for Dan’s scones).  And of course, there are the finished baked goods (like these Ohio peach puff pastries) that will make you want to run (and run fast) to the nearest location serving whatever it is that Dan has been baking. 

@commonwealthsandwichbar from Commonwealth Sandwich Bar

Commonwealth Sandwich Bar just happens to be one of the places that serves what Dan the Baker has been baking. And like any good sandwich joint, Commonwealth takes two great slices of bread and fills them with ingredients that take the great all the way to the spectacular.

What’s looking pretty spectacular on Commonwealth’s Instagram feed? How about their Bahn Fire sandwich, with roasted pork shoulder, cilantro, jalapeno, spicy Korean barbecue, and arugula on a demi batard. Or their Thai Shtick sandwich, with chicken, shaved cabbage, swiss cheese, peanut sauce, and pickled jalapenos on rustic Italian bread. Or their cheesecake. Oh yes: their cheesecake. Because if there’s anything that rivals the simple genius of a well-made sandwich, it’s a creamy cheesecake with chocolate graham crust and chocolate drizzle.  

@cbusadventures from Columbus Food Adventures

Offering Columbus food tours ranging from a Taco Truck Food Tour to an All Dessert Food Tour, it’s no surprise that Columbus Food Adventures’ Bethia Woolf has posted an array of unique (and tasty) photos on the site’s Instagram feed. This is truly the place to be to find the food that makes you hungry and the culinary gems that are still waiting for you to discover.

The Columbus Food Adventures Instagram feed isn’t just about amazing local restaurant food either. Of course, you’ll find highlights from their tours (like this striking display of Korean food from the Meat Lovers Tour), and you’ll find lots of other local food scene deliciousness (like this slice of chocolately awesomeness from Kolache Republic or this Shagbark mill hoecake from Knead). But you’ll also find images that are more personal: the blueberry patch at Berry Field farm, twin mason jars filled with homemade cherry syrup, a basket of sweet cherries from the North Market farmers’ market. 

And every single one of these images and Instagram feeds are enough to keep us excited about the local food scene for a long, long time. Have a favorite Instagram feed in Columbus that we left out? Share your favorites below in the comments!