The Crest Gastropub

Something that we like to see is a business that’s proud to wear its “Ohio heart” right on its sleeve.

Of course, there are many other things ignite our excitement for business and brands. We love creatively designed spaces. We love brands that want to inject something wonderful, something unique Central Ohio’s many wonderful, unique neighborhoods.  We love a company who’s passionate about what they do.  And we especially love good food.

The Crest, Clintonville’s latest hot spot, blends everything that Bold Hive loves into their gem of a gastro pub. From a bar whose wooden beams and posts hail from barns across Ohio to a beer selection whose extensive list includes dozens of Ohio-based brews, The Crest indeed wears its Ohio heart on its sleeve.

Beyond this Ohio pride, the owners have also taken pride in paying attention to those little details that make any good business and brand great. Each floor beam, for instance, is marked with The Crest’s signature logo. The herbs and vegetables served on their menu aren’t just local—they’re grown right in The Crest’s backyard. And the menu boasts everything from the traditional (including a truly exceptional mac and cheese) to the unique and delightful (including a goat cheese and honey appetizer that we are still talking about after one of our recent visits).

Moreover, any sense of trendiness that one might infer about The Crest is complemented with the warm and comfortable ambiance of the restaurant itself. This combination of the new and the old, the trendy and the cozy, is something we particularly love about The Crest. 

So whether you’re out past the city limits or right in the heart of Clintonville yourself, it’s worth taking a trip over to Indianola to check out what’s happening at The Crest. You’re likely to find a buzzing crowd, you’re very likely to enjoy a delicious meal or libation, and you’re certainly going to find a local business that has excited the team at Bold Hive. 

Side note and disclaimer: We're currently putting the finishing touches on a great new website for The Crest - Can't wait to share it with you all! 

@boldhive: Pick your dish from the new gastropub in Columbus - The Crest. Deconstructed Salad, Fried Goat Cheese Balls w/Honey, Burger & Fries or Cured Meat Board. #food