Favorite Columbus Business

UPDATE 2 (6/28/13):

Voting Closed

Harvest Pizzeria nominated by Rebecca Monday is our big winner - with over 50% of the votes from our four finalists. Harvest Pizzeria will get a free photo shoot and Rebecca gets a free portrait session at the same time. We'll be in touch soon to schedule your shoot! 


Columbus, with your help we've determined the finalists for your Favorite Columbus Business. Now you get to determine the winner. We'll tally the votes next week and announce your favorite. The business with the most votes will receive a free photo shoot and the patron that nominated them will get a free portrait session at their favorite Columbus business.

Live Vote Now Below! 

@boldhive: Our finalists for Favorite Columbus Business. Which business and patron should get a free photo shoot? You pick the winner! Details: bhv.bz/17EOlfD

If you’re anything like the team at Bold Hive, you love spreading the word about your favorite local business. You probably also love winning amazing prizes.

What if we told you that you had the chance to spread the word about your favorite local business and get an amazing reward and help your favorite local business to receive an amazing gift as well? Because that’s just what we’re about to tell you.

This fun project blends our passion for local business with everything that the Bold Hive team does best: using design and technology to help businesses get energized and continue to thrive. 


How does this relate to your love for local businesses and cool rewards? Starting today, when you "share" our Favorite Columbus Business post on Facebook and leave a comment describing your favorite Columbus business, you might just get a portrait session at your favorite spot, courtesy of Bold Hive’s photographer! Even better, if your nominated business is selected, your favorite Columbus business will also receive a professional photo shoot with our photographer.

Prefer to play along via Twitter? Click the tweet button below to join in on the fun and tag your favorite Columbus business at the end of the tweet. If scheduling permits we may just pick more than one response to get the reward!

It’s just our own way of spreading the word about our love for all of the local businesses and brands and people like you who make Columbus such a great place to work and live.