Ohio State Photo Shoot

We can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than hanging out on campus at The Ohio State University. By now you may be aware of the recent single source deal struck between the OSU licensing department and J. America after a competitive bid that was heavily pursued by industry heavy hitters including the Dallas Cowboys apparel arm. With J. America being based out of state they realized the importance of a local sales presence – that’s where the fun loving bunch at Kelley Sales Team comes in. KST is a group of folks that work directly with J. America to implement the OSU licensing program and stock the shelves of some of your favorite buckeye apparel retailers with a rotating myriad of designs and styles. We had the pleasure of working with them on this recent project and are seeing first hand the value they add to the equation for J. America and OSU in this historic agreement.

With all the new styles and designs to get into circulation it’s the perfect time for a photo shoot! The photos featured here are just a few of the thousands of designs that will be rolled out by J. America over the course of their current 10 year agreement with Ohio State. Needless to say you can stay tuned for a lot more pictures to come as it relates to OSU apparel!

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