A critical feature of any successful team is communication. The speed and efficiency with which team members can communicate with one another is tantamount to operations being executed efficiently. Several years ago there were cellular phone companies that touted "Push to Talk" (PTT) as alternative means of communication to phone calls. This feature was popular in the contracting world, and popular elsewhere wherever teams were separated by geographical distance or requiring snappy communication.

Fast forward to an age where smart phone subscribers are approaching half of the general market, and it is even more likely that your team is spread out, and in even greater need of efficient communication. Enter Voxer, the impressive and powerful PTT app for your iOS or Android powered device.

Without belaboring the point, Voxer is a well-designed and tough app that has been working dependably for my team and our clients for the past half year. I also have friends I can dial up both domestically and abroad, as it works wherever a subscriber has a data connection.* If you have ever used a walkie-talkie or a recording device of almost any kind, then you will have your recorded soliloquies soaring over sound waves in under 5 minutes (ie, mastering Voxer will be a no-brainer).

The real genius of Voxer's version of PTT is that for the receiver, they are not at the beck and call of anyone who might want to ring them regardless of the time of day nor their availability. If I Vox Jim but his phone is off or being used for something else, he'll simply get a notification like he would with any other app. When he chooses to respond he will see a queue of conversations and the unheard messages (voice, text, or photo) for him to review. What's more, if Jim and I are engaging in more quick responses and both have the app open, we can live-stream the messages from each other as they are being recorded. In either case the app works solidly and is limited solely by the strength of data connections at any given time.

Another powerful evolution beyond former PTT platforms is Voxer's Group Chat feature. From what I have tested, there is almost no limit to the amount of people I can add to one chat. I can send one message easily to multiple people without the hassle of dialing a number, waiting for pick-up, engaging in greetings, and then finally delivering a message. Voxer cuts through all of that wasted time with its succinct approach. When I can work with multiple teammates in different places, the reduction of redundancy is absolutely felt.

Lastly, Voxer has a share menu with which I can port out my "Notes to Self" to one of my social media platforms, email, or text message, should I want to relay a message or reminder to someone for listening later.

If you've tried PTT in the past and have been waiting for a better offering, Voxer will astound you. If you are regularly communicating with teammates, whether near or far from you, it saves precious time that is otherwise lost to ringtones, voicemails, and callbacks. Try Voxer today and let us know what you think!

At the very, very low price of Free, and available on both the iOS and Android app stores, you truly have nothing to lose.

*Be mindful of your cellular data plan as Voxer will use that connection for its messaging.