Twenty | One | Pilots Tickets: Columbus Brand Hunt

Who: Twenty | One | Pilots
What: SOLDOUT Hometown Show Ticket Giveaway!
When: Show is scheduled for Friday, April 26th  7:00pm
Where: Lifestyle Communities Pavilion - Columbus, OH
How: Be the winner of our Columbus Online Scavenger Hunt!

The Details:

What do I win?
The winner will receive a pair of tickets for the Sold-Out Twenty One Pilots show April 26th, 7:00pm. For some added fun, some great Columbus brands will be adding to the prize package throughout the hunt!

How do I enter the giveaway?
Use the tweet button below to signal that you're entering the contest - this is the only requirement to play along!

How do I win?
Be the first person to complete the word scramble.

How do I find the letters for the word scramble?
Follow Bold Hive on Twitter and play along with our online scavenger hunt by discovering the letters needed to complete the word scramble hidden on your favorite Columbus brands' websites! We’ll be releasing hints via twitter on where to find the letters on a regular basis. Once you think you know which Columbus brand a clue is pointing towards, you can search for letters hidden on their website or at a secret page on their website!

How do I solve the word scramble?
When you think you know the answer to the word scramble, tweet @boldhive with #CBUSBrandHunt to make a guess.

How can I increase my chance of winning?
- When you discover a new clue, tell your friends on twitter. Tweet @boldhive along with the @name for the brand where you just found your clue and #CBUSBrandHunt. We might just DM you the next clue early before we publish a public tweet! Make sure to follow @boldhive so you can receive the early clue via DM.

-Like us on Facebook and you may just find a “fans only” clue revealed there during the contest as well!

 Art Courtesy  Tyler Wetta  Special clue credit: Font used by permission from  RAFwebdesigns

Art Courtesy Tyler Wetta
Special clue credit: Font used by permission from RAFwebdesigns