A Social Media Hat Tip: Columbus Businesses Who are Doing it Right

At Bold Hive we are passionate about Columbus businesses and brands. We're also especially excited when we see them making use of creative social media strategies: strategies that can make direct marketing and advertising look like child's play.

Every once in a while, we'd like to highlight some of the Columbus businesses that are “doing it right” when it comes to social media. And at the moment, these three companies are definitely doing it right in our eyes.

Jeni's Ice Creams on Instagram

Jeni's isn't just a Central Ohio favorite. With an acclaimed cookbook by founder Jeni Britton Bauer, appearances in large-scale publications, and some downright amazing ice cream, Jeni's is now known all over the country, if not all over the world.

And they've got a good thing going on Instagram.

The Jeni's team could do just fine posting pictures of ice cream scoops all day. Because who doesn't love a good picture of ice cream? Even the lactose intolerant could find some delight in a #nofilter photo of Jeni's cherry lambic sorbet.

Jeni's, however, thinks way outside the waffle cone-shaped box when it comes to their Instagram feed.

They post pictures of the stores that sell their ice cream. They post images from the Jeni's team travels—travels that include everywhere from Austin, TX during South by Southwest to the Nashville, TN Jeni's stores to book signings all over the country. They post behind-the-scenes photos showing how they make the meringues and the marshmallows and the macaroons that make their ice creams so famous (and so delicious).  And their 5000+ Instagram fans love it. Far beyond promoting the Jeni's brand, these images tell a cohesive story about the Jeni's brand.

This is social media at its best.

Pursuit Yourself on Twitter

Pursuit Yourself already has a pretty fabulous idea when it comes to their stores. Catering to college crowds, they make shopping for a (modern, non-outdated) suit affordable and accessible. With their main store is located right in the heart of The Ohio State University campus neighborhood, they are also known for using social media to reach out to the Buckeye proud.

In addition to their Instagram feed, they are absolutely “doing it right” on Twitter. Whether they're live-tweeting an OSU game or sharing photos of suits-done-right (and those sad folks who didn't go to Pursuit Yourself and have suits-done-wrong) or simply promoting the latest goings-on at their stores, one thing is clear: they're always social@PursuitYourself is not a one-way Twitter stream that constantly talks at you. They're talking with their followers, and it's clear that they pay attention to what they say.

And when social media is actually social, then that is social media at its best.

Mikey's Late Night Slice Does Good, Goes Viral

Mikey's Late Night Slice has had an active, dynamic Facebook page for a while. But things got a lot more active and dynamic back in January when a story about Mikey's went viral.

It all started when of their customers—Joel Diaz—shared one of his Mikey's experiences on Facebook. The short story goes something like this: Joel and his partner, Ethan, were waiting in line for some awesome pizza one evening when one of the other customers began harassing them and hurling homophobic slurs their way. The homophobia was terrible, but the other customers' responses weren't: nearly every single one of them spoke up against the homophobic guy. Better yet? When the guy didn't stop, the Mikey's employees leaned out the food truck window to let him know that they would not be serving someone who spewed so much hate.

The social media response to the story was overwhelming. The story itself appeared everywhere from Yahoo to the Huffington Post (where it was shared on Twitter over 17,000 times). Even “3.7 million likes and counting” George Takei himself shared the story with his followers.

And Mikey's just let the love roll their way, with fans from all over the world stopping by their Facebook page to congratulate Mikey's for standing up to hate. (They also stopped by to purchase some of the sweet shirts that Mikey's created to commemorate all the excitement over Diaz's story.) 

Barely three months later, Mikey's has a whopping 12,000+ followers of their own. Better yet, they have a positive viral story associated with their brand, all because they did good and someone thought that good was worth sharing.

Need we say it again? This too is social media at its best.

Of course these three brands aren't the only ones in CBUS doing things right when it comes to social media - We'll be showcasing some more in the future so be sure to share your favorite Columbus brands in the comments below!